We offer competitive rates with a personal and professional touch. Please click below for rate details:

In the event you are quoted with a lower fee, kindly provide us with a written quote and we will not only match their fee, but provide an additional $50.00 off of the cost of our services!


Settlement or Closing Fee** $500.00
Title Examination $125.00
Title Insurance Binder Included in Settlement fee
Release Preparation Fee (per payoff) Included in Settlement fee
Courier/Handling Fee  Included in Settlement fee
File Archiving Fee  Included in Settlement fee
TOTAL: $625.00*
Attorney's Fees (if needed)  Hourly Rate

Title Insurance: Lender's coverage is available at standard published rates and the re-issue discount is always given with an existing owner's title insurance policy (which has been issued within the last 10 years). There is no additional charge for each endorsement required by the lender. Contact Us for a quote.

Second Mortgage Closing Fee:


Title Insurance Binder:


Courier/Handling Fee:




No Charge for Notary Fees
No Payoff Processing Fee
No Wire Fee:
Our bank does not charge a fee to wire your sale proceeds to another bank or title company. Please check with your bank, as many of them do charge for incoming wires. Old American Title will not be responsible for wire fees charged by others.

* Total based on a one payoff scenario. Government recording fees and transfer taxes are not included.

** There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for settlements requiring Subordination Agreements, Power Of Attorneys, Modification Agreements and / or Multiple Releases.